• Juki Professional Attachment Set

Juki Professional Attachment Set

This set of 3 presser feet and gauge is perfect for professional sewing techniques including leather and vinyl work as well as attaching decorative piping and zippers with a fixed seam allowance.

This kit includes the following accessories:

Hinged Zipper Foot (Part Number A9842-D25-0A0): This narrow hinged presser foot is useful for sewing zippers and narrow pieces. Align the edge of the presser foot with the zipper teeth as a guide for a seam allowance of 3mm.

Smooth Foot (Part Number A9840-D25-0A0): This presser foot is used for materials that do not feed well and are difficult to sew, such as vinyl-coated fabric and leather.

Piping Foot (Part Number A9845-D25-0A0): This presser foot is used for creating piping and sewing it on.

Swing Gauge (Part Number A9847-D25-0A0): This gauge is used as a guide for the edge of fabric when sewing with a fixed seam allowance.

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