Juki J-350QVP MIYABI longarm quilting machine

Discover the J-350QVP's impressive 18-inches of horizontal throat space between the arm of the machine and the needle, and the J-350QVP's fast quilting speed at 2,200 stitches per minute.

The Miyabi J-350QVP is available in one of 4 configurations;

  • sitdown
  • 5 foot frame
  • 7 foot frame
  • 10 foot frame
  • 12 foot frame

Even more impressive is the 10-inch height, unlike most long arm quilting machines which only provide an 8-inches height or less. All this amazing capability is mounted on a deluxe 10ft quilting frame.

By hand (free motion) or software driven the Miyabi J-350QVP is a pleasure to drive with the built-in JUKI SmartStitch stitch regulator system, ensuring equal stitch length as you quilt.

As a reflection of JUKI's Japanese heritage, the J-350QVP was named Miyabi meaning "Elegance." Discover true elegance with the built-in stitch regulator JUKI SmartStitch!

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