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RICOH RI 100 Direct-to-Garment Printer

RICOH RI 100 Direct-to-Garment Printer


The RICOH Ri 100 revolutionizes the world of direct-to-garment (DTG) printing. This portable printer features an all-in-one design making it easy to create beautiful products such as t-shirts, tote bags, and more in minutes. Additionally, you may create and print one-of-a-kind designs and patterns on fabric to create unique quilts, table runners, and so much more! With little to no setup time, your designs will come to life in minutes. Includes CMYK cartridges.

Whether you are printing at home or at events, the RICOH Ri 100 is the ideal choice!

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Compact & Portable

The RICOH Ri 100 can fit into a space as small as 15.7” wide x 27.5” deep, making it one of the smallest DTG printers. The printer and its finisher can be stacked to maximize functionality without sacrificing space.

High Quality Images & Products

Achieve superior prints thanks to RICOH’s inkjet technology, which prints directly onto the fabric. Preserve the look and feel of garments while still maintaining a high level of image vibrancy.

Easy Design Software

RICOH Design Software lets you easily edit and import images before printing. Use the desktop software, convenient iPad app, or simply send prints from your smartphone with ease.

Safe and Effortless Technology

The RICOH Ri 100’s intuitive design requires no prior experience to print and finish prints, with safety as a top priority. The inks adhere to the fabric safely and periodic maintenance is carried out through a simple process (automatic and semiautomatic).

Ricoh ri 100 closeup of machine  Step 1 - Choose the Design

Use the accompanying software to choose the design. Set the printing mode based on the fabric used.

Ricoh ri 100 closeup of machine  Step 2 – Set the Fabric

Set the T-shirt or bag in the tray. Even beginners can accomplish this task with ease.

Ricoh ri 100 closeup of machine  Step 3 – Pre-Press

Insert the tray into the finisher to smooth out creases.

Ricoh ri 100 closeup of machine  Step 4 – Print

Printing takes approximately two minutes. Just load and unload the tray – it is that easy.

Ricoh ri 100 closeup of machine  Step 5 – Fix the Design

Use the finisher (with built in safety features) to fix the ink and lock in the design.


*The RICOH Ri 100 is a CMYK-only printer designed for use with light-colored garments only.

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