Spirit - Embroidery Only



Baby Lock Spirit - Embroidery only, pre-loved machine.  Capture the essence of your inspiration with the Baby Lock Spirit. This embroidery focused machine has numerous features powered by Baby Lock IQ Technology™. The IQ powered Needle Beam for instance, highlights the exact needle position on the fabric to ensure perfect embroidery design placement. A large 7" x 12" embroidery hoop will fit large designs and multiples, making the Spirit perfect for your most ambitious embroidery projects. 


  • Color LCD Touch Screen
  • Sensor Pen for Embroidery
  • Needle Beam for Embroidery
  • USB Connectivity
  • Enhanced Stadium Lighting
  • Nevermiss Automatic Needle Threader
  • Push Buttons and Large Workspace
  • Quick-Set, Top-Loading Bobbin
  • IQ Technology

Download Spirit Specification Sheet