Are those masks and unfinished projects chewing up your FABRIC stash? Order more fabric by the yard! 

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3 - Take note of the fabric collection name & bolt letter / number you'd like, and quantity (1/2 yd min cuts).

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E-mailing it to: info@aurorasewingcenter.com

5 - Detail within your order; (a) store location, (b) fabric line name, (c) letter/number, (d) yardage quantity (1/2 yd min) & (e) preferred store location for pickup.

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East Aurora

Christmas 1 (East Aurora)

Christmas 2 (East Aurora)

Christmas 3 (East Aurora)

Christmas 4 (East Aurora)

Christmas 5 (East Aurora)

Christmas 6 (East Aurora)

Christmas 7 (East Aurora)

Christmas 8 (East Aurora)

Gnomes (East Aurora)

Glow in the Dark (East Aurora)

Kaye England - Blackwood Cottage (East Aurora)

Contempo- Dreamy (East Aurora)

Sweet Lavender  (East Aurora) 


Fisher Price (East Aurora)

Rose Gold (East Aurora)

Woodsy (East Aurora)

Metallic (East Aurora)

Gardens (East Aurora)

Fun in the Sun (East Aurora)

April Showers (East Aurora)

Orchid Bouquets (East Aurora)

New Shimmer  (East Aurora)

Urban Farmhouse (East Aurora)

Free spirit - Shell Rummel (East Aurora)

Patriotic 1 (East Aurora)

Patriotic 2 (East Aurora)

Butterfly Twinkle (East Aurora)

Gina (East Aurora)

Nature Walk (East Aurora)

Poppy Fields (East Aurora)

Girl  (East Aurora)


Batik 1 (East Aurora)

Batik 2 (East Aurora)

Batik 3 (East Aurora)

Batik 4 (East Aurora)

Black & White (East Aurora)

5 and Dime (East Aurora)

Baseball (East Aurora)

Lilyanne  (East Aurora)

Haiku - Stonehedge Lagoon (East Aurora)

Butterfly Garden (East Aurora)

Soiree (East Aurora)

Ink flowers by Ninola Design (East Aurora)

Galaxy (East Aurora)


My Cup of Tea - Tea Party (East Aurora)

Symphony Blossoms (East Aurora)

Amanda Murphy 1 (East Aurora)

Halloween 1  (East Aurora)

Halloween 2 (East Aurora)

Halloween 3 (East Aurora)

Fall 1 (East Aurora)

Fall 2 (East Aurora)

Fall 3 (East Aurora)

Flannels 1 (East Aurora)

Flannels 2 (East Aurora)

Flannels 3 (East Aurora)

Flannels 4 (East Aurora)


Flannels 5 (East Aurora)

Blender Wall 1 (East Aurora)
Blender Wall 2 (East Aurora)
Blender Wall 3 (East Aurora)
Blender Wall 4 (East Aurora)
Blender Wall 5 (East Aurora)
Blender Wall 6 (East Aurora)
Blender Wall 7 (East Aurora)
Blender Wall 8 (East Aurora)
Blender Wall 9 (East Aurora)
Blender Wall 10 (East Aurora)
Blender Wall 11 (East Aurora)
Blender Wall 12 (East Aurora)
Blender Wall 13 (East Aurora)
Blender Wall 14 (East Aurora)
Blender Wall 15 (East Aurora)
Meraki (East Aurora)
Kaffe Fassett (East Aurora)
Something Blue (East Aurora)
Nocturne (East Aurora)
Soulful Shades (East Aurora)
Home (East Aurora)
Dog Gone It (East Aurora)
Boys Collection (East Aurora)
Wine (East Aurora)
Sewing Machine 1 (East Aurora)
Sewing Machine 2 (East Aurora)

Blooming Beauties (East Aurora)
Peter Pan (East Aurora)
Garments (East Aurora)
Gauze, Burlap, Osnaburg & Yard Died (East Aurora)
Wide Backs 1 (East Aurora)
Wide Backs 2 (East Aurora)
Lambi/French Terry (East Aurora)
Sabre's Fleece & Flannel (East Aurora)
Toweling  (East Aurora)
Once Upon a Time (East Aurora)
Solids 1 (East Aurora)
Solids 2 (East Aurora)
Solids 3 (East Aurora)
Ombré Bloom (East Aurora)
Koi Fish (East Aurora)
Nightingale (East Aurora)

BRAND NEW  Vinyl (East Aurora)


Christmas 1 (Williamsville)

Christmas 2 (Williamsville)

Christmas 3 (Williamsville)

Christmas 4 (Williamsville)

Christmas 5 (Williamsville)

Christmas 6 (Williamsville)

Christmas 7 (Williamsville)

Christmas 8 (Williamsville)

Christmas 9 (Williamsville)

Fall 1 (Williamsville)

Fall 2 (Williamsville)

Halloween 1 (Williamsville)

Halloween 2 (Williamsville)

Halloween 3 (Williamsville)

Glow in the Dark (Williamsville)

AnitaGood Chrysalis (Williamsville)

Flora (Williamsville)

Christa Watson Geo Pop/Abstract Garden - A (Williamsville)

Christa Watson Geo Pop/Abstract Garden - B (Williamsville)

Allison Glass (Williamsville)

Kaffe Fassett (Williamsville)

Soulful Pink and Grey (Williamsville)

Bittersweet Tweet (Williamsville)

Patriotic 1 (Williamsville)

Patriotic 2 (Williamsville)

For The Boys (Williamsville)

Kimberbell 1 (Williamsville)

Kimberbell 2 (Williamsville)

Kimberbell 3 (Williamsville)

Kimberbell 4 (Williamsville)

Essex Linens (Williamsville)

Ombres (Williamsville)

Meridian Ombres (Williamsville)

Riley Blake 1 (Williamsville)

Riley Blake 2 (Williamsville)

Riley Blake- Joey (Williamsville)

Spring & Summer Mix ( Williamsville)

Tula Pink - Monkey Wrench (Williamsville)

Tula Pink - Tools of the Trade (Williamsville)

Tula Pink - Pedal to the Metal & Tent Stripe (WIlliamsville)

Blue in Bloom (Williamsville)

Night Riviera (Williamsville)

Do the Math + (Williamsville)

Summertime Treats (Williamsville)

Anything Goes Blue (Williamsville)

Woodland Pitter Patter by Northcott (Williamsville)


Flannel 1 (Williamsville)

Flannel 2 (Williamsville)

Tessalations (Williamsville)

Sea Glass (Williamsville)

Martini (Williamsville)

Limoncello 1 (Williamsville)

Doodle Blossoms (Williamsville)

Citrus Sayings (Williamsville)

Hashtag (Williamsville)

Cuddle Fabrics (Williamsville)

All our Stars Sheep by Wilmington (Williamsville)

Coffee Talk (Williamsville)

Ella for Kids by Windham (Williamsville)

Fantasia 1 by Northcott (Williamsville)

Fantasia 2 by Northcott (Williamsville)

Renoir (Williamsville)

Solids 1 (Williamsville)

Solids 2 (Williamsville)

Solids 3 (Williamsville)

Solids 4 (Williamsville)

Blender Wall 1 (Williamsville)

Blender Wall 2 (Williamsville)

Blender Wall 3 (Williamsville)

Blender Wall 4 (Williamsville)

Blender Wall 5 (Williamsville)

Blender Wall 6 (Williamsville)

Blender Wall 7 (Williamsville)

Blender Wall 8 (Williamsville)

Blender Wall 9 (Williamsville)

Blender Wall 10 (Williamsville)

Blender Wall 11 (Williamsville)

Blender Wall 12 (Williamsville)

Dog Gone It 1 (Williamsville)

Dog Gone It 2 (Williamsville)

Lillyanne 1 (Williamsville)

Lillyanne 2 (Williamsville)

Fishy Fun (Williamsville)

Unicorns & Rainbows (Williamsville)

Glam Girls (Williamsville)

Batik Group 1 (Williamsville) 

Batik Group 2 (Williamsville)


Batik Group 3 (Williamsville)

Batik Group 4 (Williamsville)

Batik Group 5 (Williamsville)

Black & White with Gold 1 (Williamsville)

Black & White with Gold 2 (Williamsville)

Batter Up (Williamsville)

Contempo (Williamsville)

Go Team! (Williamsville)

Wide Backs & Gauze (Williamsville)

Specialty: Knits, Osnaberg, Duck Cloth & Oil Cloth (Williamsville)