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1 - Scroll down this web page
2 - Identify the store location (where the desired fabric is located)
3 - Take note of the fabric collection name (collection name is on TOP of the picture) & bolt letter/number you'd like, and quantity (1/2 yd min cuts).
4 - Place your order, by giving us a call. OR E-mail your order to: info@aurorasewingcenter.com
5 - Needed Order Details; (a) store location, (b) fabric line name, (c) bolt letter/number, (d) yardage quantity (1/2 yd min) & (e) preferred store location for pickup or shipping. Please also include your: full name & PHONE NUMBER 
We will call you to confirm your order before cutting.  
    If needed, ask about shipping!

    East Aurora

    Valentine's Day 1 (East Aurora)

    Valentine's Day 2 (East Aurora)

    Valentine's Day 3 (East Aurora)

    St. Patrick's Day 1 (East Aurora)

    St. Patrick's Day 2 (East Aurora)

    Winter 1 (East Aurora)

    Winter 2 (East Aurora)

    Winter 3 (East Aurora)

    Winter 4 (East Aurora)

    Winter 5 (East Aurora)

    Winter 6 (East Aurora)

    Winter 7 (East Aurora)

    Winter 8 (East Aurora)

    Dance at Dusk (East Aurora)

    Pearly Blooms (East Aurora)

    Abstract Blue 1 (East Aurora)

    Abstract Blue 2 (East Aurora)

    Cuddle (East Aurora)

    Dover Floral (East Aurora)

    Forest (East Aurora)

    Pets 1 (East Aurora)

    Pets 2 (East Aurora)

    Pets 3 (East Aurora)

    Men's Fabric 1 (East Aurora)

    Men's Fabric 2 (East Aurora)

    Essential (East Aurora)

    Blackwood Cottage (East Aurora)


    Peachy Spring 1 (East Aurora)


    Peachy Spring 2 (East Aurora)

     Shimmer  (East Aurora)


    Shell Rummel (East Aurora)

    Patriotic 1 (East Aurora)

    Patriotic 2 (East Aurora)

    Batik 1 (East Aurora)

    Batik 2 (East Aurora)

    Batik 3 (East Aurora)

    Batik 4 (East Aurora)


    Batik 5 (East Aurora)

    Black & White (East Aurora)

    5 and Dime (East Aurora)

    Kashimer (East Aurora)

    Night Rivera (East Aurora)

    Peacock (East Aurora)

    Ombre (East Aurora)


    Boys 1 (East Aurora)

    Boys 2 (East Aurora)

    Boys 3 (East Aurora)

    Baby & Girls 1 (East Aurora)

    Baby & Girls 2 (East Aurora)

    Baby & Girls 3 (East Aurora)

    Baby & Girls 4 (East Aurora)

    Flannels 1 (East Aurora)

    Flannels 2 (East Aurora)

    Flannels 3 (East Aurora)

    Flannels 4 (East Aurora)


    Flannels 5 (East Aurora)

    Flannel 6 (East Aurora)
    Blender Wall 1 (East Aurora)
    Blender Wall 2 (East Aurora)
    Blender Wall 3 (East Aurora)
    Blender Wall 4 (East Aurora)
    Blender Wall 5 (East Aurora)
    Blender Wall 6 (East Aurora)
    Blender Wall 7 (East Aurora)
    Blender Wall 8 (East Aurora)
    Blender Wall 9 (East Aurora)
    Blender Wall 10 (East Aurora)
    Blender Wall 11 (East Aurora)
    Blender Wall 12 (East Aurora)
    Blender Wall 13 (East Aurora)
    Blender Wall 14 (East Aurora)
    Blender Wall 15 (East Aurora)
    Wine (East Aurora)
    Sewing Machine 1 (East Aurora)
    Sewing Machine 2 (East Aurora)
    Garments, Knits & Guaze 1 (East Aurora)
    Garments, Knits & Gauze 2 (East Aurora)
    Garments, Knits & Gauze 3 (East Aurora)
    Wide Backs 1 (East Aurora)
    Wide Backs 2 (East Aurora)
    Wide Backs 3 (East Aurora)
    Sabre's Fleece & Flannel (East Aurora)
    Solids 1 (East Aurora)
    Solids 2 (East Aurora)
    Solids 3 (East Aurora)

    Solids 4 (East Aurora)

    Solids 5 (East Aurora)

    Vinyl (East Aurora)


    Valentine's Day 1 (Williamsville)

    Valentine's Day 2 (Williamsville)


    Valentine's Day 3 (Williamsville)

    St. Patrick's Day 1 (Williamsville)

    St. Patrick's Day 2 (Williamsville)

    Mardi Gras (Williamsville)

    Fantasia (Williamsville)

    Sports 1 (Williamsville)

    Sports 2 (Williamsville)

    Bee Kind (Williamsville)

    Glow in the Dark (WIlliamsville)

    Mimosa (Williamsville)

    Bright Side (Williamsville)

    Flower Power (Williamsville)

    Solana (Williamsville)

    Shimmery 1 (Williamsville)

    Shimmery 2 (Williamsville)

    Bittersweet Tweet (Williamsville)

    For The Boys (Williamsville)

    Kimberbell 1 (Williamsville)

    Kimberbell 2 (Williamsville)

    Kimberbell 3 (Williamsville)

    Kimberbell 4 (Williamsville)

    Essex Linens (Williamsville)

    Nightingale (Williamsville)


    Butterfly Twinkle (Williamsville)

    Wave of Blue (Williamsville)

    Flannel 1 (Williamsville)

    Flannel 2 (Williamsville)

    Flannel 3 (Williamsville)

    Kaleidescope (Williamsville)

    Lemoncello  (Williamsville)


    Cuddle Fabrics 1 (Williamsville)

    Cuddle Fabrics 2 (Williamsville)

    Team Fleece (Williamsville)

    Over the Moon (Williamsville)

    Stonehenge Haiku (Williamsville)


    Country Birds (Williamsville)

    Metallics (Williamsville)

    Renoir (Williamsville)

    Solids 1 (Williamsville)

    Solids 2 (Williamsville)

    Solids 3 (Williamsville)

    Solids 4 (Williamsville)

    Blender Wall 1 (Williamsville)

    Blender Wall 2 (Williamsville)

    Blender Wall 3 (Williamsville)

    Blender Wall 4 (Williamsville)

    Blender Wall 5 (Williamsville)

    Blender Wall 6 (Williamsville)

    Blender Wall 7 (Williamsville)

    Blender Wall 8 (Williamsville)

    Blender Wall 9 (Williamsville)

    Blender Wall 10 (Williamsville)

    Blender Wall 11 (Williamsville)

    Blender Wall 12 (Williamsville)


    Symphony (Williamsville)


    Rejuvenation (Williamsville)

    Mix 1 (Williamsville)

    Mix 2 (Williamsville)

    Mix 3 (Williamsville)

    Mix 4 (Williamsville)

    Mix 5 (Williamsville)

    Mix 6 (Williamsville)

    Across the Country (Williamsville)

    Batik Group 1 (Williamsville) 

    Batik Group 2 (Williamsville)


    Batik Group 3 (Williamsville)

    Batik Group 4 (Williamsville)

    Batik Group 5 (Williamsville)

    Black & White Florals (Williamsville)

    Wide Backs & Gauze 1 (Williamsville)

    Wide Backs & Gauze 2 (Williamsville)

    Specialty: Knits, Osnaberg, Duck Cloth & Oil Cloth (Williamsville)