FIRMWARE Update Service

Electronic-based Sewing, Embroidery, Longarm, Mulit-Needle Machines periodically have Firmware updates available which ensures your sewing machine is operating to the latest manufacturer's specifications.  If installing updated Firmware on your sewing machine is needed we can perform this Firmware Update service per the manufacture’s recommendations. 

Please note it is recommended that ALL embroidery designs be saved by the customer off of their embroidery/sewing machine (i.e. onto their computer or external hard drive) prior to dropping off their machine and pursuing this service or a Tune-up.  If there is a circuit board issue / replacement required, all embroidery designs will be lost. This is the customer's responsibility prior to pursuing this service.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is Firmware?  Firmware is a software program or an updated set of instructions used in electronic-based sewing machines which is provided by the sewing machine manufacturer. 


  • What do I Need Firmware Updates? Manufacturers periodically provide updated firmware to address ever changing technology, address bugs, and ensure your sewing machine is operating correctly, based on the manufacturer's specifications. 


  • Is this Unique to my Sewing Machine?  No. Firmware updates are common in all electric technology which remains supported by manufactures (example; computers, cell phones, TVs, etc.).  Firmware updates are designed to ensure your sewing machine is operating to the manufacture's specifications.


  • When I get a Tune-up, is it Included in the price of this service?  NO, firmware updates require additional time to install, and this service costs $23.99.  Firmware updates can addresses a bug, or hang-up occurring while operating your machine, and sets the internal software to the manufacture's specifications as part of our tune-up process.


  • Is there anything I should be aware of prior to Firmware Updates?  Yes, it is recommended that ALL embroidery designs must to be saved by the customer off their embroidery machine (i.e. onto their computer) prior to dropping off their machine and pursuing this service or a Tune-up, otherwise they can be deleted in the process. 


  • How often should I have my firmware updated?  The manufacture's recommendations is that when a new firmware becomes available that  you update your sewing machine.  This ensures you are operating with the latest internal software and to the manufacture's specifications.  If you are using your sewing machine frequently an annual tune-up is recommended, and this will largely address needed firmware updates.

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