Cut and Crackle and Sew Sensory Material - 36-in x 48-in

Cut and Crackle and Sew Sensory Material - 36-in x 48-in



Cut and Crackle, and Sew Sensory Material adds noise and texture to your sewing projects.

This sensory material is perfect to be sewn in-between fabric layers for baby and pet toys.  The Cut and Crackle Sensory Material is easy to cut, machine washable and dryable, nontoxic, and durable enough to stand up to extensive play.  All you do is cut it to the desired size and sew in between two layers of fabric. Once this Crinkle Sensory fabric is sewn into your project, your finished project is safe to iron. 

The Cut Crackle and Sew Sensory Material can be used in making:

  • soft children’s books
  • baby rattles
  • stuffed toys
  • pet toys
  • sensory toys
  • art projects
  • doll making
  • crafts
  • pet beds
  • kids play mats
  • Fidget Quilts.

The distinctive crackly sound this sensory material produces will keep your little ones and possibly elderly entertained for hours. Great for fabric baby books to add sound to sensory play.

  • Color:  Clear
  • Size:  36 inches x 48 inches
  • Thickness: 1 mm 

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