Pre-order - Cutterpillar Flex Sewing Machine Light

Pre-order - Cutterpillar Flex Sewing Machine Light


Pre-order!  This cordless sewing-machine light will give you 3 levels of brightness and allows the flexible neck to be pointed where it's needed most.  It runs for many hours at a time.  This brilliantly-lit (but always cool to the touch) LED, light-fixture attaches by velcro; but resides in a cradle for easy USB-C recharging.  It's easy to see how much life is left with the green power indicator.  The Flex is for sewing situations when you need a better light source.

  • Cordless sewing machine light with 3 levels of brightness
  • Flexible neck to point light where it’s needed most
  • Light sits in removable cradle on multiple sewing machines and uses USB-C recharging
  • Green power indicator to know how much charge is left

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