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Janome Large Buttonhole foot with Stabilizer Plate, 9mm - 202199009

Janome Large Buttonhole foot with Stabilizer Plate, 9mm - 202199009


Janome Extra Large Buttonhole Foot with Stabilizer Plate 9mm Machines

Extra large buttons are an ongoing trend in clothing, but the standard buttonhole foot can't accommodate buttons that large. This new large buttonhole foot and stabilizer plate can create buttonholes for buttons that are 1-inch to -2-inch (25 mm - 50 mm) in diameter. This oversized Button Hole foot helps fight uneven layers and different fabrics with ease when stitching a buttonhole. 

It can be used with any Janome made machine that creates automatic buttonholes. Feeding various kinds of fabric and uneven layers can be difficult when sewing buttonholes. That is why Janome created the Buttonhole Stabilizer Plate. This stabilizer plate works in conjunction with Buttonhole Foot R to feed uneven layers smoothly-ensuring even and precise buttonholes, even on jeans, wool, fleece, or stretch fabrics. Fabric is sandwiched between the plate holder (with attached buttonhole foot) on top and the metal plate underneath to support fabric while feeding. The plate holder also includes markings to align the edge of the fabric for neat and tidy buttonhole placement. 

This accessory works with the following models:

  • Horizon MC12000
  • Horizon MC 14000
  • Horizon MC15000
  • Horizon MC 8200 QC
  • Horizon MC 8200QCP Special Edition
  • Horizon MC 8900QCP Special Edition
  • Horizon MC9400QCP
  • MC9410
  • MC9450
  • MC9480
  • MC9900
  • Skyline S5
  • Skyline S7

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