JUKI Accessories
Juki Thread Stand for Juki Computerized Machines

Juki Thread Stand for Juki Computerized Machines


This additional thread stand attaches to the back of your Juki QVP, DX, NX, HZL sewing machine and can be used with large cross-wound cone style thread. The specially designed thread guide smoothly pulls the thread straight up.

For Juki machines with a hard case:  when placing the hard case on the sewing machine, this thread stand and thread guide can be removed in a single step.

Juki computerized models and travel machines include: 

  • Juki HZL 70HW 
  • Juki HZL G220
  • Juki HZL G120
  • Juki HZL F600,
  • Juki HZL F400
  • Juki HZL F300
  • Juki HZL NX7 Kieri
  • Juki HZL LB5020
  • Juki HZL LB5100
  • Juki DX5
  • Juki DX7
  • Juki DX1500 QVP
  • Juki DX2000 QVP
  • Juki DX3000 QVP
  • Juki DX4000 QVP Kokochi

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