Mettler Poly Sheen and Metallic Embroidery Thread
Mettler Poly Sheen Basics 8 pack gift Thread Set

Mettler Poly Sheen Basics 8 pack gift Thread Set


Mettler Polysheen Basics 8 pack gift Thread Set, perfect for Embroidery Machines

Consists of 8 spools of 40 weight, Mettler Polysheen Plus art#4820. 218yds per spool.

Colors included: 9925, 9924, 9923, 9921, 9929, 9930, 9931, 9932.

Areas of application POLY SHEEN also has better elastic qualities and 50% higher tensile strength than rayon. POLY SHEEN can be used in every situation and is particularly well suited for use with highly stressed textiles such as sports and leisurewear, children‘s clothes, leather, work clothing, jeans, terry cloth, catering and hospital laundry. Product Features Trilobal fiber corss section Thanks to its trilobal qualities, POLY SHEEN – unlike conventional embroidery and decorative threads – has a significantly larger surface to reflect the light, making it appear even more brilliant. High tensile strength The tensile strength of the trilobal polyester yarn is 50% higher than rayon or viscose. Excellent embroidery and decorative sewing – with no risk of thread breakage – guaranteed. The thread can also be used with the latest high performance machines. Extremely high chafe resistance Gives the embroidery or decorative application an exceptionally long life. The shine always stays as good as new.

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