Oiler Precision Pen - BERNINA OIL

Oiler Precision Pen - BERNINA OIL


The Precision Oiler Pen comes with BERNINA OIL and is perfect for keeping your BERNINA HOOK properly oiled and lubricated, with ease.  This pen tip makes it easy to place a drop of oil on the BERNINA HOOK race and  the Hook's felt pads, without applying too much and making a mess.  The Bernina oil is engineered for premium performance product lubrication for metal on metal parts primarily designed to keep high-speed, precision components lubricated such as the BERNINA HOOK. 

CLICK HERE to see How to Oil your BERNINA HOOK?   

For use on all sewing machine's metal hook systems, including the following BERNINA models:

  • 8-series (B830, B880, B880+)
  • 7-series (B735, B740, B750, B765, B770QE, B790, B790+)
  • 5-series (B535, B570QE, B590)
  • 4-series (B435, B475QE, B480)
  • other BERNINA models with the CB or Rotary Hooks 

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