Brother Multi-Needle Accessories
Entrepreneur PR Series Monogram Kit - PRMNGRMKIT1

Entrepreneur PR Series Monogram Kit - PRMNGRMKIT1


Monogram Kit is an embroidery frame kit that allows you to embroider monograms, logos, and small patterns on PR/PR1X, such as small pockets and narrow sleeves.

Main Features:

  • Compact Frame/S Frame Available in 4 different sizes/shapes depending on the embroidery area and shape allowing you to embroider in narrow spaces such as small pockets and sleeves. Frame sizes: 38 × 44mm (~1.5 × 1.7 in), 41 × 70mm (~1.6 × 2.7 in), 33 × 75mm (~1.3 × 2.9 in), and 50 × 50mm (~2 × 2 in)
  • Compact Frame M Easiest hooping (click and snap) with strong holding power, the Clamp Frame M has a Double-sided frame surface to cover both woven and slippery material. Ideal for materials ranging from thin and thick, as well as tote bags, shirt sleeves, sports jackets, towels, and more.

For use with:

Brother PRS100, PR1X, PR650e or older models, PR655/670/680W/PR1000/PR1050X /PR1055X

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