Is it time to get your sewing machine SERVICED?

Is it time to get your sewing machine serviced?

Have you been sewing a fair bit getting those projects done?  When was the last time you’ve had your machine serviced?  Oh, you don’t remember??? 

If you can’t recall when the last time you had your machine in for service, its likely been too long ... and it time to drop it off for a spa day! 

When should I get my machine serviced?

Generally, if your machine is used once a week or more, your sewing machine should be thoroughly cleaned internally, lubricated and reviewed every 12 months – typically called a tune-up.   

This is no different than getting your oil changed and tires rotated for your vehicle.  If you ignore basic maintenance, things wear incorrectly leading to more expensive repairs.  If at any time something is not sounding right while sewing, you should stop using your machine and bring it in for service right away.

Who should service your sewing machine?

It is recommended that certified shops that have been trained by the sewing machine manufacture(s) conduct your service.  The training the technicians receive is what makes them “certified” to work on your machine and knowledgeable.  Manufactures are constantly providing updated service bulletins, new firmware and sometimes even new parts to the certified shops – to ensure your machine is being serviced correctly and is in top working order.

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Other Tips:

There are several items to consider and look out for when identifying a good sewing machine tune-up versus poor service. Here are some key indicators to consider:

Thoroughness of the service: A good sewing machine tune-up should be thorough and at a minimum cover all necessary components, such as; cleaning the machine, lubricating/oiling the machine’s internals, checking and if needed re-align the timing and tension, and testing the stitching to confirm the machine’s performance. Poor service may overlook any one of these important steps or rush through the process.

Knowledge and experience: A good service department should have extensive knowledge and experience with sewing machines and be Certified by the Manufacture. They should be able to diagnose and fix any issues that arise during the tune-up. Poor service may be performed by an inexperienced or untrained technician, leading to other short and long-term issues.

Bernina sewing machine service and repairs by Aurora Sewing Center

Communication: A good technician will communicate clearly and honestly about the condition of your sewing machine, what repairs are needed, and the cost involved. Poor service may be characterized by unclear or dishonest communication. This does not mean you will always be excited on what you hear, however good, clear communication is a must.

Timeframe: A good tune-up should take an appropriate amount of time to complete, allowing the technician to perform all necessary steps carefully and thoroughly. Poor service may rush through the process missing requests, or a solid review of your machine, or alternatively may take an excessively long time.

Cost: A good service should charge a reasonable and transparent fee for the work performed, without hidden costs or unnecessary services. Poor service may not address needed repairs or even conduct preventative maintenance, overcharge or recommend unnecessary repairs.

Overall, a good sewing machine tune-up should leave you feeling confident that your machine is in good working order, including a stitch-out indicating the machine is ready to go!  While poor service may leave you feeling uncertain or dissatisfied with the results.


It is time for you to bring in your machine for a tune-up? 

We service all makes and model sewing machines, sergers, longarm quilting machines, embroidery machines and industrial machines. Machines are serviced right at each of our three store locations; East Aurora, NY, Williamsville, NY and Victor, NY, by our team of certified technicians.

What should you bring in with your machine?

  • Machine
  • Presser foot
  • Leave your hook and bobbin in the machine
  • Embroidery module
  • Foot pedal & power cord
  • Brands we don’t carry – bring an embroidery hoop

Leave at Home or bring home with you:

  • Your case
  • Thread
  • Spool caps
  • Slide-on Tables
  • Slide-on Accessory tray
  • Extra presser feet
  • Manuals

Don’t stress … if you need help getting your machine out of your vehicle, please just come in and let us know, and one of our team members will bring in your machine inside for you.

We will see you, and your machine soon!