International Quilt Market

After three very long years, the International Quilt Market has finally returned! 

Alyssa, Sheila and myself (Scott) just returned from Houston, Texas where we spent a few days reconnecting with vendors, designers, dealers and friends throughout the industry!

We shopped for fabrics, notions, patterns, furniture and projects for the upcoming year for the store floors, Clubs and new classes! Now, a good portion of what we purchased will not be available until 2023, but a lot will be headed to all three locations!

As you have probably seen, we are in the process of opening our third location in Victor, New York. We feel confident that the products we are bringing into that location, in addition to our other two locations, will excite you as much as it did us.

The internet is great, and got all of us through a lot over the past few years, but the bottom line is seeing the products in person and reconnecting face to face with designers and professionals is unparalleled!

The one thing we found a lot of that we're are bringing back with us is FRESH IDEAS and INSPIRATION! We look forward to sharing ideas, projects and products with you all in the near future!

Go Bills!

- Scott


NEW Upcoming Products & Projects

 tula neon thread

Aurifil Tula Neon thread - coming April 2023!


Miyako Easy to Make Handbag



New Best Press!! Frankincense & Myrrh


NEW Miyako Handbag!


ODIF - Temporary Adhesive Glue Stick (avoid the spray!)


On Wander Lane - Nancy Halvorsen, January 2023 Sewing Club!

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