Victor Store Updates from Scott & Alyssa

victor building

We are SEW EXCITED to see our sewing family growing!

We are progressing with getting our new Victor store ready. We just are NOT ready quite yet!

As you know with the birthing process, it always takes a bit longer than desired. Yes, we are a bit sleep deprived, but we are making good head-way! Right now, we are waiting for some additional construction supplies and in-store modifications, while getting the store set-up along the way. 

We greatly appreciate everyone’s support, patience, and a big shout of appreciation to our team working both on the scene and behind the scenes to make this happen.

We intend to open our new VICTOR store in a FEW WEEKS! Stay posted to our email newsletters, and we will announce our opening date soon!

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We’ve heard a few people comment that we will not have fabric at the new VICTOR location?

Well, if anyone knows Aurora Sewing Center, you know Alyssa has bought way too much fabric! The Victor store will be stocked with fabric in a similar fashion as our other two locations, we will have plenty!!


Our classes are currently available virtually and in East Aurora.

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This is new to Aurora Sewing Center, and is currently available at the Victor location.

If you have a quilt top that you are looking to have quilted, give us a call at 585-742-2680 to schedule a 30-min appointment with our expert team to get your quilting scheduled!


In the FUTURE we will have:

  • More in-person CLASSES! To apply for a teaching position, please CLICK HERE!
  • An on-site technician. If you or someone you know is mechanically inclined and want to learn more, CLICK HERE!