Why Do I Need Firmware Upgrades for My Sewing Machine?

Firmware is a software program or an updated set of instructions used in electronic-based sewing machines that are provided by our sewing machine manufacturers. Firmware is basically a computer language that helps your sewing machine operate as specified by the manufacturer, and is sometimes needed with new accessories or updates! Manufacturers periodically provide updated firmware to address ever changing technology, address bugs, and ensure your sewing machine is operating correctly, based on the manufacturer's specifications. 

Firmware updates are common in all electronic technology which remains supported by manufactures. The newest top-of-the-line sewing machines can connect to your wireless network, such as the Baby Lock Solaris 2, and have the ability to automatically update firmware each time the manufacturer has a firmware update available. Sewing Machines connecting to our wireless networks with automatic firmware updates is likely to continue with newer models, but currently this is limited to just a few.

Firmware it self is FREE from the manufacturer, but installing it correctly does take some computer know-how and time to get the firmware and update it on your sewing machine. Aurora Sewing Center performs firmware updates when requested, and this service costs $23.99.

If you would like to bring your machine to Aurora Sewing Center in for a firmware update, please give either store a call one day in advance to ensure a technician is available to perform the update within their schedule.

Please note:critical item to be aware of before installing your firmware update... it is highly recommended that ALL embroidery designs must to be saved off your embroidery machine (i.e. onto their computer or other memory/hardrive device) prior to pursuing a firmware update! Otherwise, embroidery designs that have been previously added by an external source and stored on your machine can be deleted in the update process.